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WELCOME to Meoncounselling.

There are times in our lives when problems, anxieties and worries seem too large to bear. These are the times when talking and sharing that burden needs to happen, to enable clarity and peace to emerge.

My name is Mary Burner, I am a Gestalt / Humanistic trained counsellor working with children, young people and adults. I also offer supervision to trainee and qualified counsellors.

My inspiration for the name ‘Meoncounselling’ came from the River Meon, a peaceful river that flows near to my home in Hampshire.

I feel this integrates my love of being near the water with the excitement of the ever- changing faces of nature, and also relates to my training in Counselling, an approach called Gestalt.

Gestalt counselling aims to raise awareness to choices and changes, and to patterns and cycles that maybe are no longer useful in our present lives, whilst recognising that everything has a cycle ~ in ourselves and our environment.

The River Meon generally flows freely, and on its journey to the Solent overcomes many obstacles without too many problems. However, when a significant change takes place and the flow becomes interrupted or blocked, we take notice because it has an immediate effect on our environment ~ it breaks its banks and floods!

If we look at our lives like the river, we can sometimes become impacted by life’s flotsam and jetsam, which build up and disturb the flow in our daily routines, and maybe spill over when things become too difficult to cope with.

We cannot push the river

Mary Burner BA(Hons)
Don't push the river